Modern offices are required to have character yet be practical and be sustainable whilst inspiring a positive work ethic. A material such as reclaimed wood, if used in the right way, has the ability to meet these requirements and more.

So, what are the benefits of including reclaimed wood into an office?

1. Stability and sustainability

As it was typically harvested and milled decades ago, reclaimed timber offers a stability unavailable in new, even kiln-dried, wood. Mostly dense-grain, old-growth material, reclaimed wood is harder and more durable than new lumber. It also eliminates the need to source and manufacture new wood, reducing the carbon footprint of any design project.

Reclaimed wood can refer to a number of circumstances – post-consumer reclaimed timber from both domestic and commercial buildings, water reclaimed from submerged forest and post-industrial reclaimed, which includes the rescuing of off-cuts from industrial processes that might otherwise be burnt.

2. Personality

Each piece of reclaimed timber has its own history and adds character to an office. Mass-produced wood can look clinical, uninspiring and basic, whereas aged, reclaimed wood can make a company look experienced and authentic. Nail holes, weathering and imperfections enhance the natural beauty of wood.

3. Aesthetic

Reclaimed timber is visually appealing and creates a natural, positive work environment. Recent studies, have shown that an aesthetically pleasing work environment not only makes employees more productive, it improves their wellbeing also.

How might you include reclaimed wood in an office environment?

1. Feature wall

Use planks or piece together unusually shaped reclaimed wood to create a unique feature wall. A reclaimed wood accent wall is also a great spot to mount a sign or include a company logo, as it makes a statement about the company as well as providing a focal point.

2. Reception desk

For a beautiful piece of bespoke joinery, introduce a reception desk to an office crafted out of reclaimed wood. Often a reception desk will be the first thing individuals see when they enter an office, so it is vital the reception desk sets the right tone.

3. Shelving and cabinets

Using the same reclaimed wood throughout an office creates a coherent and stylish environment. Reclaimed timber can vary in tone and grain but can be stained in multiple colours to create a look that is harmonious without looking overly manufactured and clinical.

4. Partitions

Using reclaimed wooden doors as partitions is an innovative way to use reclaimed wood in both a highly aesthetic and practical way. Reclaimed timber has great soundproofing qualities, making it highly appropriate to use for sectioning areas of an office, such as an area for collaborative work. It is essential for modern offices to have designated areas for collaborative working, as it has been shown to have many positive benefits.

Paragon’s commitment to sustainability.

At Paragon we are proud of our credentials from the bio-mass boiler, we installed to our FSC and PEFC Credentials.