A lot more flexible in uses than first appearances suggest – from back-painted splash-backs to discreet structural panels on ‘floating’ objects and clear table tops. Glass introduces light and has the ability to lift its surroundings.

The materials we use

Glass is a hard material made from silica that can be moulded and manipulated into many forms, including crystal glass, which is made by adding lead and zinc oxides. Silicate glasses are either transparent or translucent and can be poured, extruded and moulded into forms ranging from flat sheets to highly intricate shapes.

The benefits of glass

Glass can transmit, reflect and refract light, and these qualities are enhanced by cutting and polishing to make prisms. Glass is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, chemically resistant and can withstand the action of water. It can create a feeling of space and enhance wellbeing.

Why we use it

We can create endless effects from printing, painting and laminating, to offering bespoke designs using Reeded Glass and Georgian Wire Glass.
Choose from glossy, transparent and opaque. Back painted glass can be in any RAL colour, it can even be writable/magnetic with specific back paints.