No more folds, no more restrictions on curves – still using real metal!

With the ability to choose from dozens of pure and alloy metals finished in endless textures and colours, the options are endless to transform almost any surface with a seamless real metal veneer.

Where we use liquid metal

Liquid metal is an ideal alternative to metal, especially when it comes to weight constraints and flexibility requirements. It can also provide you with cost-saving advantages on certain bespoke joinery projects.

It gives you the ability to create intricate textures and patterns in all types of metals and varying finishes, such as antique, brushed or polished.

Available in a wide range of finishes including, copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, black steel and gun metal. It enables our specialist craftsmen to create double curves, using wood or other substrates, to achieve an effect which cannot be created with metal. Yet, achieving a look which appears totally authentic.

We recommend it for wall features, ceiling features and an array of bespoke furniture.