Metal can be used to create both a raw industrial look or intricate pieces to give an air of luxury. Metals are durable and malleable, they enable us to create intricate designs, which can lift the look of a feature project.

The materials we use

Metals have proved their worth owing to their durability and malleability, which makes them one of the most widely used materials in the world.

We work with a wide range of metals, from thin sheets to intricate pieces. We spray or polish metals to create luxurious effects or highlight the natural raw industrial feel often required on a modern design project.

The benefits of metal

Metal is a solid material that can withstand wear and tear better than most materials. It is recyclable, and perforated metal can contribute to reducing wasted energy, as it promotes air flow. It can function as a filter to natural light, shifting sunlight to keep an interior cooler.

Metals are robust, long-lasting, eye-catching, fusible and most importantly they have good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Why we use metal

We recognise metal as being on-trend and versatile. Our clients often specify it to lift the look of pieces and add depth of textures. It can invoke both a raw industrial look, a modern crisp look or even be used to create a delicate luxury item. This is especially true, if finished in gold, bronze or brass effect and added as a feature to a stylish rich veneer.