The road to creating monolithic seamless structures. With so many colours and colour textures available, this presents the perfect platform to flex your imagination.

The materials we use

Natural acrylic stone (NAS), including HI-MACS ® and Corian®, is a blend of natural minerals and pigments set in an acrylic matrix. NAS can be precisely aligned to a specific client’s needs and project demands.

The benefits of Natural Acrylic Stone

Natural acrylic stone offers the largest, most versatile selection of colours available in contemporary surfacing. This modern high performance, non-porous material can be applied horizontally, vertically and three-dimensionally.
It is easily cleaned, environmentally friendly and copes effortless with the wear and tear of modern-day life.

Why we use natural acrylic stone

The key benefits to us is the fact that it is seamless, monolithic and flexible.

There is a wide selection of colours available in the contemporary surfaces our clients require.Plus, it has a stone feel and can be thermoformed to form curves and follow contours. While joints can be polished out and hidden.
It can also be back-lit to form creative signage or highlight a brand on a feature desk.

LG Hi Macs