Naturally hardwearing beauty. Endless possibilities when integrating this into any high-end interior and giving a featured piece a certain urban, realistic appeal.

The materials we use

Stone is a hard, non-metallic collection of minerals formed from the earth, examples include; granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, and marble.
Stone is often the first thought as a building material, perhaps because rocks have been used by humans for 2.5 million years. There is something very natural about incorporating it into a bespoke design piece.

The benefits of stone

For the most part, stone is cost effective, durable, strong and versatile.

Stone is admired for its modern and aesthetically valuable qualities, which gives a room or building an elegant and luxurious appearance. Quartz is used for flooring, roofing and importantly does not fade over time.

Why we use it

Stone can be book-matched and is often seen as more upmarket than man-made materials.
Quartz is manmade and available in a wide variety of finishes. It has better stain-resistant qualities than natural stone and is also stronger than stone.