The perfect way to create the depth of warmth on any joinery, coupled with the advantage of having the stability introduced by the substrate material.

The materials we use

Veneers are composed of a very thin layer of timber cut in different ways to create varying grain patterns.


To achieve a veneered piece, the timber is cut into narrow planks, stitched together and laminated onto a more stable substrate.

The benefits of veneer

Wood is a naturally sustainable product and veneer offers further sustainable credentials. The amount of veneered wood needed to cover a piece of furniture is far less than if used as solid wood.

Why we use veneer

Many of our clients want the enhanced grain and richness veneer provides. We like to work with it as it enables our joiners to be more creative in the way they introduce intricate details to a project.


What is more we are able to offer our clients most veneer species as FSC® (FSC-C113372) or PEFC (PEFC/16-37-1443) certified material.