Research has found that standing desks can be highly beneficial. One particular area that might benefit significantly is the reception area. Here are some benefits of creating desks that naturally encourage receptionist to both stand and sit throughout the day.


1. It improves staff health

Receptionists who sit at their reception desks all day can suffer from a range of health problems. They could be prone to higher blood pressure as well as muscular problems.

Research has found that those who mix sitting and standing in the office on a regular basis can avoid these health problems. This lowers absenteeism and improves productivity.


2. It creates a power balance between staff and visitors

Reception staff who work from a seated desk will often find themselves at a lower level compared to customers and visitors. This might seem normal, but as the receptionist is often the gatekeeper of the organisation, the receptionist must be able to assert their authority.

In fact, psychologists believe that if someone is greeted by a person standing, then the gatekeeper function can be much better performed. It can also allow for a better understanding of the guest’s intentions and emotional state as the standing reception team can better analyse body language.


3. It can improve staff well-being and service

Standing office furniture has been proven to improve the mood of office workers. In a study, 87% of those using standing desks felt more energised and happy. Therefore, when your clients’ reception staff are encouraged to make use of standing office space, they may well find their wellbeing improves as well as their physical health. What’s more, a receptionist who is more comfortable in their environment will be more engaged in their work, which will also become apparent to guests.

Standing desks have been found to help reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Depression alone costs UK businesses about £35 billion every year.


In conclusion

Designing reception desks that enable staff to position themselves for interactions which involve both standing and sitting, can offer clients a number advantages, which they may not have previously considered. Not least, it allows staff working in that area to feel healthier, more relaxed and productive. It can also help with giving guests a better impression of a business.