The positive effects of resimercial design


When implemented well, resimercial design can have a positive impact on productivity, wellbeing, ideation and collaboration in a workplace. However, resimercial design requires more than simply placing home furniture in a commercial setting – it must be customised to meet the needs of employees with materials and products which have been designed specifically for this purpose. From a wellbeing perspective it’s about creating comfortable environments that transform the office into somewhere that employees actually looks forward to working in. Resimercial design is now being seen as a lifestyle choice in the same way as considering wellbeing is becoming a key feature of any office design these days.


Consider ambience

When it comes to the workplace, it’s usually the feel of a space which makes staff feel more comfortable, not its features or layout. That is something which is achieved in the office the same way it is achieved in the home by creating the right ambience. So, when designing a resimercial office, paying close attention to ambient elements such as temperature, noise and lighting is important. Even little changes, such as sound-proofing your walls, could make a huge difference. Decorative elements, like light fixtures and fittings, can also make an office environment feel less structured and more inviting.


Fit for purpose and on brand

Residential furniture isn’t designed to handle high levels of usage or traffic, so commercial quality considerations are obviously key. Beyond that it is worth thinking of ‘fit’ – for example Ancestry (the online genealogy company), incorporated residential-style “Family Rooms” to reflect their brand and Airbnb designed rooms to look like their listings. If you can create a look that fits with the business, makes employees feel as comfortable as they might in their home, and has durable furnishing that can withstand excessive use you have a winning combination. Employees are likely to feel engaged with the brand, if all these elements are in place and that in itself helps relieve stress and increase wellbeing.


Accommodate all your staff

Resimercial design is all about creating a workspace that is welcoming and comfortable. However, comfort is very subjective, so looking to ensure every single employee has a space which accommodates their specific needs, can result in a number of different usage areas in the office. This could include open-plan areas, which allow for communication and collaboration, as well as meeting pods where employees can focus on their projects in quiet surroundings. Just like the home environment, there also needs to be ‘living areas’ where residents can interact, maybe over a coffee or a shared meal. The breakout are (kitchen) is an obvious candidate for the resimercial treatment. The impact on creating spaces for interaction on wellbeing is well documented.


Get the balance right

Although resimercial design takes a lot of inspiration from residential environments, a successful resimercial office should be well balanced. Rather than making the office feel ‘just like home’, ensuring all furniture and furnishings are practical and cost-effective and taking the time to consider what is both ‘on brand’ and ‘appropriate’ is essential. When it comes to creating a comfortable and welcoming workplace, the ‘best of both worlds’ is definitely the way to go. If it results in less stress and a clear desire to come to the office the benefits are far reaching.