Every year, new trends come and old trends go, 2019 is no different. There are some bold trends in office design at present, with each trend using different materials as a staple of their look. Here are 4 trends our researchers have uncovered. We can certainly concur with the use of bamboo and anything that gives a more residential feel to an office environment, as well as a strong nod to nature and wellbeing.


1. Bamboo

A multi-purpose material with many qualities that makes it a great choice for interior and exterior uses, bamboo is set to be a popular material for office and interior design this year. With trends like biophilia and minimalism still popular, bamboo fits perfectly with the aesthetics of these trends. Bamboo furniture has a quirky feel to it, and using it for panelling or framing creates a lovely natural feel within a space.

At Paragon we have found we get quite a lot of demand for Bamboo veneer – both standard and caramel. 


2. Pantone Colour of the Year: Living Coral

Sometimes colour is just as important as material. For 2019 Living Coral, is the Pantone Colour of the Year, and could prove hugely popular in design. A lively, peachy shade with warm tones and a big impact, Living Coral is said to evoke vitality and buoyancy. A uniquely summery tone, it would suit being used as a feature element of furnishings to create a welcoming and resimercial vibe.


3. Textural fabrics

Last year, statement upholstery ruled the furniture trend in bright jewel colours, but this looks set to be replaced by textural fabrics in neutral feminine tones this summer. Soft, curved sofas and seating, inspired by Memphis design and cool summer breezes elevate a room, giving it a dignified and timeless feel. Textural fabrics in particular include ridged and patterned materials used to dramatise neutral backgrounds.


4. Florals

Always dividing opinion, florals can be either a quirky, refreshing take on an otherwise neutral space or can carry a heavy 80s grandma vibe. The advice is use very lightly and sparingly, but don’t be afraid of the flowers – placed in communal areas, they truly bring the outside in. Bringing the outside in is a trend that is likely to remain a permanent feature of any office environment, floral patterns or not.